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Khambrel Davis, Esq.

Mr. Davis is an experienced professional litigator, having tried over 30 jury and bench trials over the course of his career. After earning his Juris Doctor from Barry University's Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, Mr. Davis honed his litigation and trial skills at the Broward County Public Defender's Office. In defending criminal cases, Mr. Davis has been successful in numerous motions to suppress, "Stand Your Ground" motions, and motions to dismiss pre-trial. In trial, Mr. Davis has secured acquittals in cases involving DUI, battery, fraud, drug trafficking/possession, and other violent offenses.

Beyond his experience in the criminal arena, Mr. Davis has also excelled in assisting clients with a plethora of legal matters. Whether it be in estate planning, navigating the intracacies of real property sales and transfers, or securing the interests of your family, Mr. Davis has the zeal and knowledge to provide the assistance you need.

Above all, Mr. Davis is committed to providing aggressive representation while insuring the utmost and consistent client communication. His experience in both the civil and criminal realm make him an ideal choice of counsel for anyone in need of legal assistance.

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

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Awards & Affiliations

  • Florida Bar

  • Broward County Bar Association

  • Lawyers of Distinction

Joshua R. Navarro, Esq.

Trial Specialist/Cannabis Consultant

With dreams of becoming a litigator from a young age, Mr. Navarro first earned his Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Government from the University of Kentucky before attending the University of Miami School of Law under a Dean's Merit Scholarship. During his time at UM, Mr. Navarro was deeply involved with extracurricular litigation workshops and programs. While interning at the State Attorney's Office in Miami-Dade, Mr. Navarro and was also a valuable member of both the Mock Trial Team, Litigation Skills Dean's fellow, and served as the President of the University of Miami's Criminal Law Society. 

After graduation, Mr. Navarro began his career at the Broward County Public Defender's Office, where he further extended his trial and litigation efficacy in defending hundreds of clients at all phases of prosecution - including securing acquittals via both bench and jury trials. After leaving the Public Defender, Mr. Navarro expanded his practice areas while operating as a solo practitioner. Since admission to the Florida Bar, Mr. Navarro has handled cases dealing in personal injury, first party property insurance, estate planning, debt collection and defense, family law, and more. After passage of Florida's Amendment 2 in 2016, Mr. Navarro has dedicated himself to being at the forefront of the emerging Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD industries. A leader in the South Florida cannabis movement, Mr. Navarro is dedicated to providing patients, MMTCs, and physicians with regulatory, compliance, and personal counsel in the ever-shifting legal landscape in South Florida.

Awards & Affiliations

  • Florida Bar

  • CannabisLAB, Membership Chair, Miami-Dade

  • Miami-Dade Bar Association

  • Lewis Tein Scholar, University of Miami

  • Marco A. Vasquez Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Litigation Skills, University of Miami

  • University of Miami Mock Trial Team Top Advocate 

Proud Member of:
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Alejandro Vargas, Esq.

Trial Specialist

Alejandro Vargas, who serves as Of Counsel to the firm, is an experienced litigator with a diverse background not only in the practice of various areas of law but also in his personal upbringing. A native of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Vargas, who is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, grew up moving to various countries of Latin America due to his father being an executive for a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Vargas credits this international exposure with giving him a unique ability to adapt in different settings and also an understanding that no two cases are the same. 


Mr. Vargas graduated from Florida State University with degrees in Psychology and Criminology. After entering the workforce on the heels of the Great Recession, Mr. Vargas enrolled in law school at Nova Southeastern University where he received the "Book" awards for academic success in Federal Income Tax and Art Law.


Beginning his career as an Assistant Public Defender in one of the largest judicial circuits in the country, Mr. Vargas gained invaluable experience trying over 30 cases to verdict as well as honing necessary skills in negotiating favorable plea agreements, deposing witnesses and arguing dispositive Motions. Mr. Vargas has vast knowledge of defending many criminal charges ranging from theft, drug offenses, DUI, domestic violence, fraud and more. Subsequent to his career as a public defender, Mr. Vargas sought a new challenge and moved into private practice working with one of the fastest growing insurance defense law firms in the state. Mr. Vargas worked on all types of third-party liability claims including slip/trip and fall, auto accidents and more complex construction defect matters.


Since leaving that firm, Mr. Vargas has entered a new phase in his career and expanded his practice to the other side of the "v" so to speak, now advocating for the injured as a plaintiff's attorney while simultaneously defending the rights of the accused against the government and helping individuals protect their assets and estates for their families. He prides himself on being overly analytical, measure twice and cut once. The attention to detail is what every single one of his clients receives because in his eyes, it is what they deserve.

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