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Meet Our Legal Team

Experienced and Strategic


Khambrel Davis, Esq.


Beyond his experience in the criminal arena, Mr. Davis has also excelled in assisting clients with a plethora of legal matters. Whether it be in estate planning, a case of personal injury, or securing the interests of your family, Mr. Davis has the zeal and knowledge to provide the assistance you need.

Jesse Brodsky, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Upon graduation and successfully passing the Florida Bar Examination, Jesse began his legal career as In-House counsel for a rapidly growing legal marketing firm.  In this capacity, Jesse negotiated contracts with national corporations including The New York Times, USA Today, ALM Media, and CLE Companion. He also oversaw the firms intellectual property matters including copyrights and trademarks. In September of 2020, Jesse was honored to become the newest attorney to join Davis and Davis Law and he is looking forward to serve his community.

Alexandro Vargas, Esq.

Of Counsel

Alejandro Vargas, who serves as Of Counsel to the firm, is an experienced litigator with a diverse background not only in the practice of various areas of law but also in his personal upbringing. A native of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Vargas, who is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, grew up moving to various countries of Latin America due to his father being an executive for a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Vargas credits this international exposure with giving him a unique ability to adapt in different settings and also an understanding that no two cases are the same.

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