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criminal defense
It is important to hire dedicated, experienced trial attorneys that are committed to pursuing aggressive strategies while maintaining top-notch communications for clients with either felony or misdemeanor charges.
The attorneys at Davis & Davis will force the State to recognize your presumption of innocence and due process rights, and will not hesitate to take your case to trial if necessary. Successful defenses in the past have included: marijuana & drug charges, DUIs, BUIs, and violent criminal offenses.
estate planning
Long term planning strategies for your family's financial stability are essential in today's modern economy.We specialize in wealth management, as well as managing issues surrounding wills, trusts, and estates.
Davis & Davis can also help those in need of assistance with foreclosure and real estate matters, and maintains close ties with real estate leaders in the community.
Cannabis law
After the passage of Constitutional Amendment 2, Florida has become a hotbed for the emerging cannabis industry.
Our attorneys are knowledgable of all relevant regulatory compliance laws, and offer consultation to Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp enterprises
We also offer consultation services to patients- in getting their medical marijuana card, navigating potential employment issues, and the protection of constitutional rights.
Our firm has an extensive background in real estate with experience going back 30+ years. Feel free to contact us for any real estate challenges you may be facing. From mortgage issues to encroaching fences, our office is well suited to handle any issues pertaining to real property in Broward County, Florida. 
family law
Prenuptial agreements, divorces, custody battles, and visitation issues can often turn into argumentative and contentious episodes that only prolong proceedings.
We handle all Family Law matters professionally and amicably, while fighting wholeheartedly for your best interests. We recognize how sensitive these matters tend to be, and make privacy a priority. 

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